Silver Fox Card Counting

Blackjack players who are the beginners on this kind of game, finding it hard to understand the gaming strategies of the game. The easy and simplest ways to be familiar with it is by the use of Silver Fox Card Counting System. This system is developed by Ralph Stricker, the author of the book, Silver Fox Blackjack System -You can count on it. This book includes the correct strategy for any decks amount, comprehensive card counting, developing correct betting strategy and departures from basic strategy to count. This is easy to use and the card values are easy to remember.

The Blackjack: Silver Fox Card Counting System level 1 is balanced. The number from 2 to 7 is all counted as +1, while the 9 and the Ace along with 10 value cards is counted as -1. You are not counting each card or individual card but you are counting combinations of it. This is the most powerful system in the blackjack world and it is good to introduce this system to the people who wants a winning in the game. The connection of this system is solid at .96 while the playing efficiency is not a super strong in rating that only measured at .53.

Understanding the counting system can help you learn more about the ideas and strategic techniques of the game. The counting of cards is very simple and it keeps estimating the chances of getting the card to beat the dealer. The blackjack: Silver Fox Card Counting System has also a side count. The side count refers as an additional count on the top includes the total point counts, like keeping the track of the aces that has been used. This system is accurate but hard to use. To help you understand more of the strategy is the use of running count and true count.